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Pool coping pavers can be a necessary and attractive feature that you can add to your swimming pool. You have so many options when it comes to beautiful styles and materials of tiles and coping pavers. Pool coping is a finishing method for any type of pool and is essentially the border placed atop a pool, sealing off the pool structure or shell along its edges. It can also help protect the external surfaces of the pool as well.

Pool coping pavers & tiles can work as much as for beautification as for functionality. It can define a polished edge to any swimming pool & tie the pool pave area together. 

A lot of in-ground swimming pools may utilize the surrounding outdoor region with some eye-catching paving, and this is where pool coping tends to become a prominent feature. Some homeowners choosing coping that matches the pool interior and decking, or a kind that contrasts for a more unique appearance.

Travertine, brick, natural stone, and concrete are among the more popular choices when it comes to your pools coping along with several various designs to suit the design of your pool area. A number of other trendy coping pavers and tiles are made from slate, sandstone or limestone, and are improved only with a complementing mortar. There are varying types of pool coping pavers, some are rounded, while others have square edges. A common type is known as bull-nose coping, which is a very secure and sturdy alternative. It has a rounded edge, which makes it very easy to set up. 

No matter what material or style you end up going with, be certain that it is nonslip so that the swimmers have a steady grip before going into the pool. You may also need to make sure that the coping can withstand the elements since it will be exposed to sunlight and water. To find the best pool coping pavers for your pool, consult one of our pool experts at Aloha Custom pools.

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